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July Mania Sales
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Detailed explanation of the development trend of 1s lipo battery

With the development of new energy vehicles and electric vehicles, the demand for 1s lipo battery is gradually increasing. Today, CNHL will introduce the 1s lipo battery that has received great attention in recent years in detail, and lead you to understand the details of the 1s lipo battery.

1s lipo battery industry development trend and pain points:

(1) Development trend of cathode materials for 1s lipo battery
For the power 1s lipo battery, in terms of passenger cars, modified lithium manganate and ternary lithium batteries are the main materials abroad. Lithium iron phosphate is the main material in China, but because of the low energy density of lithium iron phosphate, the current trend has shifted to ternary lithium batteries.

In terms of electric buses: because of the large size of the bus, the problem of low energy density can be solved by placing more batteries, and the bus has a long mileage per day, and the 1s lipo battery is charged relatively many times. Because of its safety and cycle life, lithium iron phosphate will would be the most appropriate choice.

(2) Development trend of anode materials
Due to the mature technology, good stability and obvious price advantage of graphite. Compared with natural graphite, artificial graphite is more expensive, but the consistency is better, so it is the preferred negative electrode material for power 1s lipo battery.

(3) Development trend of 1s lipo battery electrolyte materials
The electrolyte is composed of electrolyte lithium salt, high-purity organic solvent and necessary additives and other raw materials. The electrolyte lithium salt is mainly lithium hexafluorophosphate, which accounts for 40% of the cost of the electrolyte. The overall electrolyte accounts for about 10% of the cost of the 1s lipo battery.

(4) Development trend of 1s lipo battery separator materials
The dry process is relatively mature and the localization rate is high, and it occupies a mainstream position in the current power 1s lipo battery market. However, the performance of diaphragms produced by the wet process is better, and as the ceramic coating technology matures, the mainstream status of the dry process will be challenged.

1s lipo battery structure principle:

The structure of 1s lipo battery is generally: positive electrode material + negative electrode material + electrolyte + separator + shell;
1s lipo battery working principle
While charging:
The lithium-containing compound of the positive electrode has lithium ions extracted, and the lithium ions move to the negative electrode through the 1s

lipo battery electrolyte to generate lithium atoms;
The carbon material of the negative electrode has a layered structure, and it has many micropores that allow crystalline lithium atoms to be embedded in it.
During discharge: the lithium atoms embedded in the carbon layer of the negative electrode of the 1s lipo battery lose electrons and return to the positive electrode

The main manufacturing equipment and process flow of 1s lipo battery:

The upstream and downstream relationship of the power 1s lipo battery
1s lipo battery production process:Tab pre-welding: In the production of soft pack battery, it is necessary to use an ultrasonic welding machine to pre-weld the tabs, and then weld the tab tabs and the pre-soldered tabs together. Pre-soldering can play a role in shaping, which is conducive to the welding between the tabs and tabs of the cover plate. At the same time, the connection between the welding and the assembly line will involve the use of SCARA robots for loading and unloading operations.

Welding of the top cover of the pole ear: After the pre-welding process of the front pole ear, the copper flat ring and the aluminum flat ring are respectively sleeved on the negative ear and positive ear of the 1s lipo battery winding core, and the copper flat ring is sleeved.

The flat ring is pre-pressed with the winding core of the aluminum flat ring, so that the copper flat ring and the aluminum flat ring are respectively connected to the winding core firmly, and the negative lead and positive lead on the top cover of the battery are placed in Describe the center position of the copper flat ring and the aluminum flat ring, and finally weld the center position of the copper flat ring and the aluminum flat ring, so that the tabs and the battery top are pressed with the copper flat ring and the aluminum flat ring. The cover pinouts are soldered together.

Well, the above is all about the 1s lipo battery today. I believe that everyone who has read the full text has an understanding of the development trend, structure, principle and process of the 1s lipo battery. More information will continue to be updated, and we will see you in the next issue.

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