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Detailed knowledge of RC lipo battery diaphragm

This article mainly introduces the content of the RC lipo battery diaphragm, the type and performance of the RC lipo battery diaphragm and the requirements of the RC lipo battery for the diaphragm. Interested partners may wish to spend a few minutes with the lipo battery manufacturer Chinahobbyline to see.

RC lipo battery diaphragm

The separator is located between the positive and negative electrodes of the RC lipo battery. Because the separator has a microporous structure, it allows ions to pass through freely while preventing the entry of electrons. The quality of the separator affects the internal resistance, interface structure and thermal stability of the RC lipo battery, which in turn affects the cycle, capacity and safety performance of the RC lipo battery.

Types of RC lipo battery separators

With the continuous deepening of research, the variety of RC lipo battery diaphragms has gradually increased, and the production process has become more and more mature. Common RC lipo battery diaphragm materials include PE, PP, etc. According to the production method of RC lipo battery diaphragm, it can be divided into wet diaphragm, dry French diaphragm. Due to the low melting point of polyethylene PE, polypropylene PP is prone to oxidation, and the price of polyimide PI is high, which hinders its development to a certain extent, and often requires compounding, coating and other methods to improve performance.

lipo battery

Various RC lipo battery diaphragm performance

Types of RC lipo battery separators: multilayer separators, inorganic coated separators, organic coated separators, organic/inorganic coated separators.

RC lipo battery multilayer separator

Multi-layer diaphragm materials are: PP/PE two-layer composite diaphragm and PP/PE/PP three-layer composite diaphragm.
It has both high fusing temperature and low closed-cell temperature. In the case of high temperature, it can close the cell by itself without melting.

RC lipo battery inorganic coating separator

Al2O3, SiO2, TiO2, Mg(OH)2 have good heat resistance, and after combining with the substrate, the prepared RC lipo battery separator.
With the rigidity of inorganic substances and the flexibility of organic substances, it can effectively improve the heat resistance, puncture strength and high temperature resistance of the separator of RC lipo battery, thereby reducing the safety problems caused by thermal runaway of RC lipo battery

RC lipo battery organic coating separator

PDA, PVDF, PAN, ANF, PMMA, etc. are used as coating materials for RC lipo battery to manufacture high-performance separators.
While having heat resistance, it solves the problems of RC lipo battery inorganic coating hole clogging, high ion transfer resistance and electrolyte wettability.

RC lipo battery organic/inorganic coated separator

Al2O3 nano-ceramic powder is a composite separator, a polymer nanofiber/ceramic multilayer composite separator.
Al2O3 nano-ceramic powder provides excellent heat resistance and thermal stability. PVDF gives the polymer nanofiber/ceramic multilayer composite separator excellent electrolyte wettability, which expands the charge-discharge capacity and cycle performance of the RC lipo battery. In addition, the double coating enhances the electrolyte absorption and wettability of the conventional polyethylene separator, and also enhances the power capacity and stable cycling performance of the RC lipo battery.

lipo battery

RC lipo battery requirements for the diaphragm

With the deepening of research, the separator of RC lipo battery is also constantly improving. At present, the thickness of the separator has been reduced to about 14μm, which is much thinner than the thickness of the first-generation separator. High requirements, especially in terms of mechanical properties, and the mechanical properties of the diaphragm are related to the thickness of the diaphragm.
In addition, the pore size of the RC lipo battery separator should be small enough to avoid the transmission of active particles to the electrode at the other end through the micropores; the RC lipo battery separator and electrolyte have better wettability, and a higher amount of washing solution can reduce the internal resistance of the battery and improve the conductivity.

lipo battery

rate; better mechanical properties, need to resist external unfavorable factors; better chemical stability, do not react with the components in the RC lipo battery.
On this basis, cost control should also be considered, since the cost of the separator is 20% of that of the high-power RC lipo battery, and the film must also absorb the infiltrated electrolyte quickly and not swell in the RC lipo battery.
Well, the above is the whole content of the RC lipo battery separator brought by the lithium battery manufacturer. I hope the above content can help you further understand the RC lipo battery separator. More information about RC lipo battery can be found in previous articles:
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