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2 Packungen CNHL Black Series 2200 mAh 6S 22,2 V 40 C Lipo-Akku mit XT60-Stecker

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Lagernummer 220406BK
Kapazität 2200 mAh
Stromspannung 22,2 V / 6 Zellen / 6S1P
Entladungsrate 40 °C Dauerbetrieb / 80 °C Dauerbetrieb
Ladestrom 5 °C max
Größe (1-5 mm Unterschied) 55*35*108mm
Ungefähres Gewicht (±5 g) 372g
Ausgangsanschluss XT60
Balance-Anschluss JST / XH
Bemerkungen N / A
Draht (AWG) 12#

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Plenty of punch for a speed run.


Great battery! Great price!

Valentin Dimitrov
Decent battery

I bought 2 batteries of this type and they arrived after a week. I tested one of it in my RC boat, which draws between 30 A and 170 A (3500 Wp). The ESC is rated 60 A. After a 6-7 minutes run on average speeds with some full throttle bursts, the battery temperature was about 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit), but it was a little swollen. I think the battery cannot handle 170 A peaks, despite of its burst 80C (176 A) rated discharge. When I use the two batteries in parallel, they perform much better. However, it is a decent battery for the price.

The actual size and weight of the battery is 108x54.0x34.8 mm (37.9 mm on the cable side), 382 g. As all of my CNHL batteries, the balance wires have different lengths and cannot stay aligned.

Szymon Wojtyla
Not for long range

My 7 inch quad has shorter flight time than with orange 1800 mAh 6S MiniStar. Shape and weight of the 2200 6s 40C is very good, but efficiency is poor.