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Batteries for H-King (PNF) Viper 64 (6S) EDF Jet

The H-King (PNF) Viper 64 (6S) EDF Jet is a high-performance model that brings an exhilarating experience to RC (Radio Controlled) aircraft enthusiasts. Known for its sleek design and impressive capabilities, this jet is a standout in the world of electric ducted fan (EDF) models.

Design and Build

The Viper 64 is meticulously crafted with a durable EPO foam airframe, ensuring both strength and lightweight characteristics. Its streamlined fuselage and sharp wing design enhance aerodynamics, allowing for agile and stable flight. The vivid color scheme and detailed decals give it a striking appearance in the sky, making it easy to track during high-speed maneuvers.


Powered by a 6S 2200KV brushless motor and a 64mm 11-blade EDF, the Viper 64 delivers a powerful thrust-to-weight ratio, ensuring rapid acceleration and impressive top speeds. This jet is capable of performing a variety of aerobatic maneuvers, from loops and rolls to high-speed passes. Its precision and responsiveness make it suitable for both intermediate and advanced pilots looking to push their flying skills to the next level. At CNHL, we have multiple choices of LiPs batteries that fit Viper 64 (6S) EDF Jet, with high and reliable performance, provide a good balance between flight time and weight, ensuring the jet remains agile and responsive.

Easy Assembly

The Viper 64 is designed as a Plug-and-Fly (PNF) model, meaning it comes pre-assembled with most of the electronics installed. This includes the motor, ESC (Electronic Speed Controller), servos, and EDF unit. Pilots only need to attach the main components, such as the wings and tail, and install their own receiver and battery. This straightforward assembly process means you can be in the air in no time.

Battery Compatibility

To achieve optimal performance, the Viper 64 requires a 6S LiPo battery. The recommended batteries for this jet are 6S 2200mAh to 6S 3300mAh LiPo packs. These batteries provide a good balance between flight time and weight, ensuring the jet remains agile and responsive. The higher capacity 3300mAh batteries will offer longer flight times, while the 2200mAh packs will keep the aircraft lighter for more aggressive aerobatics.

Flight Experience

Once in the air, the Viper 64 offers a thrilling flight experience. Its powerful EDF unit provides a satisfying jet-like sound, adding to the realism. The jet handles exceptionally well at various speeds, from slow passes to high-speed dives. Its stability and precision are notable, making it a joy to fly in both calm and windy conditions.


The H-King (PNF) Viper 64 (6S) EDF Jet is a must-have for any RC jet enthusiast. Its combination of high performance, easy assembly, and striking design makes it a standout model in the EDF jet category. Whether you're performing high-speed passes or intricate aerobatics, the Viper 64 delivers a captivating and adrenaline-pumping experience. Equip it with a suitable 6S LiPo battery, and you're set for countless thrilling flights.

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