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Price Drop Alert!
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Price Drop Alert!
Exclusive Discounts on High-Quality Batteries>

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Chers RC Fellows, est la société mère de la marque CNHL. Nous sommes l'un des principaux fabricants de polymères de lithium en Chine, en nous concentrant sur la technologie de grande capacité, de taux de décharge élevé, de conception et d'assemblage des packs. En plus de l'entrepôt mondial, nous avons ouvert des entrepôts à travers le monde, y compris les États-Unis / CA / EU / UK / AU / RU / JP / AE, pour mieux répondre aux besoins croissants.

Nous sommes fiers de lancer la nouvelle boutique en ligne officielle de Chinahobbyline. Le nouveau site Web est repensé avec une interface facile à utiliser pour améliorer l'expérience des utilisateurs, des points de récompense et des codes de coupon sont désormais disponibles, et d'autres fonctionnalités seront disponibles!

Nous visons à fournir des batteries Li-Po de haute qualité et des produits RC à tous les amateurs de passe-temps avec d'excellents services à la clientèle et des prix compétitifs. Les activités promotionnelles et les cadeaux se déroulent de temps en temps, venez nous rendre visite régulièrement et suivez nos réseaux sociaux pour obtenir les dernières offres et mises à jour.

La demande de gros et le soutien des événements sont les bienvenues. Si vous avez un problème concernant une commande, veuillez nous contacter via Facebook, Instagram ou par e-mail à, nous apprécions vos commentaires.

Commencez votre nouveau voyage de passe-temps maintenant!



Based on 4435 reviews
Great Lipo!

Flew it on bigger drones as single pack and also on Trex7/800 as double pack (12s) great performance!

Todo perfecto, envío rápido

Todo perfecto, envío rápido

Black Series 2200mAh 3S

I use them only short time , but are gut

CNHL is there when we need them !

The support is present if you need help !

Sehr gute Leistung zum top Preis

Ich fliege sie in einem 850 Banshee wo sie schon ab dem ersten Flug deutlich mehr Leistung alls alle bisherigen Akkus haben.

Nach ca 10 Flügen war die Leistung nochmals spürbar besser.
Die Innenwiderstände liegen bei 0,7-1mOhm laut Pulsar 3+

Kurz gesagt einfach top Akkus zum Top Preis

Fine accus

A very fine product, and lots of power, and fine flying time , about 6,5 minuts, of motor time , on my Viper 70 mm EDF plane

CNHL G+Plus 4000mAh 14.8V 4S 70C Lipo Battery with XT90 Plug

The absolute best!!

I’m an FPV pilot and I use this company for all my quads!! The 1500 4s packs give me almost 5 minutes of flight time on a 815g quad 🤯 not to mention the solid customer support.

Trying a new brand of Lipo

Having recently purchased four 6s 6200mah racing packs at 90c to try out on my Viper and Super Scorpion, I was expecting a better punch into vertical maneuvers, a little more power delivery all round & a touch more endurance if that was not asking too much.
These packs delivered all of that on the power hungry 90mm EDF models including a marked increase in performance on the Freewing Raptor too, all getting away more cleanly from our draggy damp grass runway with a punchy positive climb out on rotation...they feel more determined and meaningful in these cells are all I will buy in the future at this sensible price point and also for their incredible IR values. I have used so many brands over the years, some claiming to be the best in the 100amp current draw category but only two other brands can compare to the stability under load as these racing packs. What reveals their true value and is the real test of their robustness under load is to measure the residual energy levels after each flight. We all do this to know how close we came to an empty tank and adjust our 4 minute timer setting accordingly ....well there was often 45% left down to 30% on occasion after a go around. They do not gush their electrons ...IR still holds at 1mOhm even after frequent use so I am hopeful for longevity from this brand too. Time will tell as usual of course. I have started buying the 4s 90c 5200mah racing packs to make 8s for the Zeus which enables this stunning EDF to punch verticals to new heights and provides a far more adrenalin fueled flight experience, so delighted to have near turbine performance at last, finally the perfect combination to deliver the ultimate EDF experience on a realistically affordable out of the box package, the technologies have all finally aligned and I am just loving the thrill and the fun of flying these amazing electric jets.

Lithium Polymer Charge Safety Bag 25x18cm

Good batteries

Use it on a 3.5" performance whoop (carbon ducts)

Perfect in my old school hotliner at very high Amps

Perfect for my old school hotliner with no air vents for cooling. This setup killed a couple of larger, heavier, high C batteries that overheated due to the high current. Lower weight has improved the glide, and the shape fits the fuse perfectly.
The motor draws 180A in 2-3 sec bursts for 30 sec total motor run and about 15 minutes flight time. This battery was barely warm to the touch with no sign of puffing. Put 1200mAh back into the pack, so will try extending motor run to about 40sec.

What a battery :)

Very good battery, great performance, light weight... 5 stars overall


Utilisées en 2 x 6S sur turbine Jetec 90mm
Ne chauffe pas, ne gonfle pas

CNHL Black Series 4000mAh 11.1V 3S 65C Maximum performance, good Ri.

Good Lipo,low-resistance

Solo le he realizado dos vuelos pero muy contento, gran descarga .

Más potente y ligeras que otras baterías de marcas supuestamente mejores.

Muy buena batería, por ahora ninguna queja

Great lipo absolutely love these

I have about 25 of these . Best bang for your buck battery I’ve used . I use them in my various airplanes prefer these over the standard longer 3200 mah so I can move more of the battery wait around for cg and flying styles

Top batterie

Livraison rapide, Je conseil vraiment ces batteries. Très bon rapport qualité prix 👍