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BLACK FRIDAY: All items are on SALE
The lowest price of the year! >

CNHL Customer Reviews

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CNHL Racing Series 6600mAh 7.4V 2S 100C Hard Case Lipo Battery with T/Dean Plug

4S 9500

My second set of these battery’s very impressed would like to see them in a hard case for bashing super fast shipping forever customer 👍

Lipos problème

hello well received the order but a battery is swollen and therefore unusable I sent an email via Paypal but for the moment no response from you.

Serge moy

Awesome battery

Low IR. Good battery for great price can't beat it .

Great charger

Exactly what I needed. Small and powerful with lot of options. I can charge/discharge 2 packs at the same time, all kinds of batteries, check resistance, precise enough and I do not need more.

CNHL Racing Series LIHV 8200mAh 15.2V 4S 120C HV Hard Case Lipo Battery with EC5 Plug For RC Racing

Excellent batteries

Excellent and go-to batteries for me for the price and their capability in comparison to more expensive ones from other brands. Only complaint is the shipping and handling which could be better.

Conforme à la description

Je n'ai pas encore essayé mais normalement pas de soucis. Sur la prise 6s (pas la xt60) il y avait 2 broches sur 6 qui n'étaient pas à leurs places dans la prise. Heureusement je m'en suis rendu compte et j'ai pu les remettre.

Powerful battery

CNHL MiniStar 1500mAh 120C have the lowest internal resistance compared to competitive brands. I use them for loads up to 240A in 10S assembly for F5B model.

Awesome packs

These have been great packs plenty of power and mild on the pockets definitely my go to batteries

Great battery for a great price



Quality batteries super quick delivery,outstanding value for money

Excellent batteries for the price

These batteries are excellent and longer lasting than other much more expensive lipos. There's no comparison when it comes to price and performance.

CNHL Batteries

I highly recommend them to my friends. I use both the black and the white series.They are great.

Love my CNHL batteries

Some of the best batteries I’ve ever used great punch, many charges out of each battery pack, the are my go to for batteries and could not beat the price


This is the first time I've tried these batteries, and I really like them. They actually give me a little longer flight time. I can't wait to get more of them.

Great battery

My go to battery for fpv drones. Easy on the pocket and great flight times.

Best if the best!!!

Hands down the best budget batteries on the market for the best prices here in CHL!!!

3 Packs CNHL LiHV MiniStar HV 550mAh 7.6V 2S 70C Lipo Battery With XT30U

The number one budget battery that has lasted the test of time.

This is my goto 6S battery for racing practice.
Great deal on the buy 2 get 2 deals from CNHL