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July Mania Sales
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1200mah lipo battry energy density improvement - cell density improvement

How to make the food itself more calorie? This question is equivalent to how to make a backpack hold more food? One way is to increase the size and weight of the 1200mah lipo battry package to pack more cells,
The other is to increase the density of the cells to allow more storage per unit space. Today we will introduce the latter.
The 1200mah lipo battry battery consists of three parts, the positive electrode, the negative electrode, and the electrolyte between the positive and negative electrodes. To improve the energy density of the 1200mah lipo battry, we start from these three aspects. Let’s look at them one by one.

1200mah lipo battry positive electrode - nickel 55 single crystal material

The 100kWh 1200mah lipo battry package recently released by NIO, which is the 1200mah lipo battry previously announced by Ningde Times, "only emits smoke and does not catch fire", without changing the shell size of the 1200mah lipo battry package and almost no weight gain, the energy density
An increase of 37%, which greatly increases the cruising range. The nickel 55 ternary battery used in the new 1200mah lipo battry is an important factor in improving energy density. Its cathode material is a high-voltage single-crystal material.
The so-called "ternary" 1200mah lipo battry means that its positive electrode material has three elements: nickel, cobalt, and manganese (NCM).
stable structure. The higher the ratio of nickel and the lower the ratio of cobalt and manganese, the higher the energy density, but the lower the safety.
In order to improve the energy density of 1200mah lipo battry, the NCM ratio was increased from "111 (N:C:M=1:1:1)" to "523" and then to "811". This route has always been the mainstream direction of the development of ternary cathode materials. Other
One direction corresponds to the single crystal route (the point is here). The newly released 1200mah lipo battry battery positive electrode uses single crystal 5 series material. Single crystal materials are more suitable for high voltage. At present, the commercialized ternary is
Most of the polar materials are secondary spherical polycrystalline materials of about 10 microns formed by the agglomeration of nano-scale primary particles. If you have no concept of polycrystalline and single crystal, you can refer to quartz sand and glass, both of which are the same
All are silica, quartz sand is a polycrystalline material, and glass can be considered a single crystal material.
There are a large number of grain boundaries inside the polycrystalline NCM. During the charging and discharging process of 1200mah lipo battry, due to the anisotropic lattice change, the polycrystalline NCM is prone to grain boundary cracking, which leads to the formation of secondary particles.
The 1200mah lipo battry impedance rises and the performance drops rapidly. However, there is no grain boundary inside the single crystal ternary material, which can effectively deal with the fracture of the grain boundary and its conduction.
resulting performance degradation. Therefore, the single crystal structure can achieve higher voltage, not only that, but also improve the cycle stability of the ternary material, greatly improving the safety of 1200mah lipo battry.
This is the positive electrode material, let's look at the negative electrode.

 1200mah lipo battry negative electrode - "silicon-doped lithium supplement" technology:

Recently, it is reported that Zhiji Automobile is jointly developing the technology of "silicon-doped lithium battery" with CATL, and the two parties will share technical patents. Zhiji Auto said that the energy density of this 1200mah lipo battry is higher than the current
The industry-leading level is reduced by 30-40%, with a maximum endurance of about 1,000km and zero attenuation of 200,000 km. This 1200mah lipo battry will adopt the optimization of the battery material formula, the group technology of heat insulation and flame retardant, and full cast aluminum.
1200mah lipo battry shell packaging technology, combined with BMS end-cloud collaborative management to ensure 1200mah lipo battry security.
What is the "1200mah lipo battry silicon-doped lithium battery" technology?
The graphite anode of the traditional 1200mah lipo battry has a low density. In order to pursue high density, the new anode materials silicon carbon and silicon oxygen have become new hot spots for enterprises. However, silicon oxide will have low efficiency for the first time and need to supplement lithium.
question. During the first charge-discharge process of liquid lithium ion 1200mah lipo battry, the electrode material reacts with the electrolyte at the solid-liquid interface, forming a passivation layer covering the surface of the electrode material. This passivation layer is a
The interface layer, which has the characteristics of a solid electrolyte, is an electronic insulator but an excellent conductor of Li+. Li+ can be embedded and extracted freely through the passivation layer, so this passivation film is called "solid electrolyte".
"Solid electrolyte interface" (solid electrolyte interface) is referred to as SEI film (the positive electrode is also formed with layers, but at this stage it is believed that its impact on 1200mah lipo battry is far less than the SEI film on the negative electrode surface [2])
. The lithium-replenishing process of the silicon carbon negative electrode is to pre-coat a layer of lithium metal on the surface of the silicon carbon negative electrode, which is in close contact with the negative electrode.
The lithium ion is inside the negative electrode, so as to make up for the Li ion consumed by the formation or repair of the SEI film during the first charge and discharge or during the cycle. Compared with the difficult and high-input negative electrode lithium replenishment process,
Lithium supplementation for the positive electrode is much simpler. The typical process for supplementing lithium from the positive electrode is to add a small amount of high-capacity positive electrode material to the positive electrode during the homogenization process. During the charging process, the excess Li element
It is extracted from these lithium-rich cathode materials and intercalated into the anode to supplement the irreversible capacity of the first charge and discharge. Through this complex lithium replenishment process, the density of the negative electrode material can be increased. Not yet known
What kind of technology is Daozhiji car, but it is basically a foregone conclusion that Zhiji car will apply this high-end 1200mah lipo battry.
Finally, let's take a look at the last link of the 1200mah lipo battry battery energy density improvement - the electrolyte.

1200mah lipo battry Electrolyte - Solid 1200mah lipo battry & Jelly 1200mah lipo battry

On December 8, local time, QuantumScape, a startup backed by Volkswagen and Bill Gates, announced the news of its latest solid-state 1200mah lipo battry, and said the 1200mah lipo battry will go into production in 2024. This solid state 1200mah lipo battry,
Compared to the traditional Li-ion 1200mah lipo battry, there is a significant improvement: they can increase the range of electric vehicles by 80%. Let's discuss what is the solid state 1200mah lipo battry and what are its benefits.
While improving the energy density of the 1200mah lipo battry, the safety of the 1200mah lipo battry must be considered. To fundamentally eliminate the safety hazard of Li-ion 1200mah lipo battry is still in the improvement of material safety of 1200mah lipo battry. But for positive
Polar materials, these two aspects are contradictory. For example, as mentioned earlier, increasing the nickel content can improve the energy density, but increasing the nickel content means reducing the safety. Is there any way to increase the energy density from other aspects?
What about the security of the strong 1200mah lipo battry, so as to increase the energy density with more confidence? At this time, it is necessary to consider from the perspective of electrolytes. Numerous studies have shown that liquid electrolytes are involved in most of the 1200mah lipo battry thermal runaway process
React, and greatly reduce the initial reaction temperature of 1200mah lipo battry, which means that the threshold of thermal runaway becomes lower. Therefore, improving the safety of electrolytes is one of the most effective ways to achieve the safety of 1200mah lipo battry [3]. liquid
The physical properties of the electrolyte determine that it can never avoid leakage, and it is also not conducive to reducing the volume of 1200mah lipo battry to increase the energy density. Therefore, in order to improve the energy density and safety, the solid state of the electrolyte is
becoming a trend. We call the 1200mah lipo battry in which both the electrodes and the electrolyte are solid as the solid 1200mah lipo battry. The solid-state 1200mah lipo battry cell does not contain liquid inside, which is not only safer, but also can be assembled in series and parallel first, reducing energy consumption.
With less packaging shell material, the PACK design is greatly simplified, which also improves the energy density of the 1200mah lipo battry in groups.
Similar to the conventional 1200mah lipo battry, the solid state 1200mah lipo battry consists of a positive electrode, a negative electrode and an electrolyte. Its structure is simpler than the traditional 1200mah lipo battry, and the solid electrolyte acts as a dual function of electrolyte and separator. cathode material and
There is no difference between the traditional 1200mah lipo battry. The 1200mah lipo battry anode materials are metal lithium anode materials, carbon group anode materials and oxide anode materials. For solid-state 1200mah lipo battry, the research and development of solid-state electrolytes
The most important thing is that it has a wide variety of materials, including oxides, sulfides, polymers, and composite solid electrolytes.
In addition to the liquid 1200mah lipo battry which is used on a large scale and the solid 1200mah lipo battry under study, a semi-solid 1200mah lipo battry-jelly 1200mah lipo battry- comes into view. In December 2020, Honeycomb Energy took the lead in releasing the results
Freeze 1200mah lipo battry and accept pre-orders. Jelly 1200mah lipo battry is a 1200mah lipo battry with a new jelly-like electrolyte.
Features such as flame retardant, prevent thermal diffusion while hardly reducing electrical conductivity. Jelly 1200mah lipo battry can be said to be a transition from liquid 1200mah lipo battry to solid 1200mah lipo battry.

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