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Rev Up Your Savings
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Chinahobbyline Affiliate Program

ChinaHobbyLine Affiliate

1. How it works?

Join for free. Become an affiliate and get your personal affiliate link, share it to your friends. You will earn a commission when a user clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase. You may also choose certain products or categories to promote.

2. What is the commission rate?

Earn up to 10% affiliate commission from qualifying purchases and programs, 7% for general items and 8% to 10% for special items. Shipping fees and service charges are ineligible for affiliate commission.

Example: When a user orders one Product A and two Product B. Product A is a special item with a unit price of $20 and 10% commission. Product B is a general item with a unit price of $50 and 7% commission. Your commission = $20 x 10% + $50 x 2 x 7% = US$9.00

3. When do I get paid?

Commission can be withdrawn after 35 days when it reaches your account (the time frame might be adjusted). The minimum withdrawal amount is US$50, and the commission will be send to you via PayPal on 10th every month. You need to specify a valid PayPal account when you sign up for our Affiliate Program.

Enrollment in the Affiliate Program

1. Registration

To join our Affiliate Program, please click here, which takes you to the registration website. On the sign up screen, fill in your personal information, a valid PayPal account email address, and your social media accounts. All fields marked with * are required, input n/a if nothing to write about. Your application will be reviewed in 20 to 48 hours, and we will notify you the result by email.

2. Your Dashboard Page

Follow click here to login your account dashboard, 

(a) Click the "Home" tab to get your referral link, you can copy the link or share it to different social media sites. If you wish to promote a certain product or category, navigate to the "Marketing Tools" tab, paste the product or category URL there, then you will get a unique referral link.

(b) In the “Payments” tab, you can view your affiliate report and commission earned. To initiate a payout, click the setup button and enter your PayPal account, the payout will be processed within 1 to 2 working days.

Things to Know

1. Customers may return faulty items for a refund within 30 days of a purchase. If a full or partial refund is made, the corresponding commission will be reversed from your account automatically.

2. Cookies last for 5 days unless overwritten by another affiliate link or cleared by the user.

3. ChinaHobbyLine reserves the right to adjust the commision rates, and you will be notified by email when any change occurs.

4. Please note that if an affiliate buys through their own or other affiliates referral link/coupon, they will not be given commission for that sale.

5. In case of any dispute, the decision of ChinaHobbyLine shall be final.

Come and join our Affiliate Program