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5 Steps: How to Choose the Right RC Lipo Battery

In this blog, we are going to talk about these 5 steps that you need to go through in order to choose a proper RC lipo battery for your RC truck.

So no matter whether you are trying to do something like the Traxus X Max a race buggy a drift car maybe something like a crawler whether it's a basher you have multiple and multiple RC lipo choices out there, there are so many of them, that it's really hard to figure out what's the best one for you to purchase, and so we're gonna go through these six steps today that you need to go through in order to select your lipo battery.

Step No. 1 Honestly, I know nobody likes to read the manuals, but as it turns out almost every single one of the RC manuals has a section in it where it talks about the battery for the vehicle, the manual will give you an idea of the cell rating and the C rating required for the vehicle, so as an example, a crawler will tend to run on a 2s lipo battery or 3s lipo battery which is a 2 cell or 3 cell battery, and almost every vehicle that you will see in an encounter in the RC world will be requesting minimum a 30c or higher discharge rate on the battery, so it's two of the metrics that you immediately get to the numbers that you need to know right out of the box, and it's right here available in the manual, so step one is getting the manual and checking it out.

Step No. 2 I recommend that you get the vehicle itself what we're gonna be doing is actually opening it up and measuring the battery tray. step No. 2 is where most people actually screw up that I see online. What we're gonna be doing is we're gonna actually be measuring the battery tray, so as an example for this Lucy DB Pro, we're gonna be measuring the height the length of a battery that will fit in there, and then we'll be measuring the width, we need those three dimensions so that we don't accidentally buy a battery that doesn't actually fit. In the hole I see this with so many people this is where they screw up they hit the first step they go online they click by, and the battery gets to them and it doesn't fit. If you're shopping at your actual local hobby store, you can even bring the vehicle with you to make sure that the battery fits before you even walk out of the store, while you have the vehicle here you're actually going to go ahead.

Step No. 3 is what is the battery plug type on that vehicle. I tend to use these XT90 plugs, but there is a whole wide variety of battery plugs that are available on all the different vehicles, it is easier if you can buy a battery that goes ahead and actually has the same connector for it to make your life easier, but that's not required one of the aspects of this hobby is soldering, and we'll get into that later,  it's easier than you think for it and you can change plugs out in the long run, it saves you money because you're able to buy a battery that maybe doesn't have the plug for a cheaper price and adapt it to fit in your vehicle.

Step No. 4 is choosing the power level that you really need. Many examples of this low CDB Pro are set up to where it'll run either 2s or 3,  which one do you actually want do you want that higher power level, or are you comfortable with a lower power level? I find most people actually step up to too high a voltage too early in their RC career, and get themselves in trouble, a lot of the time especially for my kids or depending on the kind of bashing that I'm doing, we will actually run like the 2s in this instead of the 3s, same thing with the Arma 3s line like we have the Arma Typhon, same thing even with like a 6s Traxxa sledge or a 6s Arma cretin, those vehicles will also run very well on a 4s Lipo instead of the 6s that's out there, and that its maximum rating is the positive side of that is a lot of times if you're running that little bit lower voltage, you're probably going just a little bit slower which means your crashes are gonna hurt a little bit less and you're probably gonna be buying fewer parts. So consider the voltage that you want when you're buying the battery, also consider that most vehicles in this day and age actually have a selectable throttle limiter on the controller, so even if you do get the higher voltage battery, you could actually just limit the total speed on the controller until you're really ready for all that voltage.


Step No. 5 is time to go actually look to see what's available and what you can purchase. So whether you're going to your local hobby store maybe a retailer like amain hobbies or even if you're looking on Amazon. You need to go out there and start doing the searches with the metrics you know, but very easy to start with is something like searching for if I'm looking at an X max battery 4s Lipo get that search started to start there and make sure you're looking at all these metrics that we talked about what are the C ratings, basically what you want to do is buy the highest C rating battery that you can find. The other thing that you want to do is you want to look at that milla amp hour and the total dimensions of the battery what is for maybe for a basher you want to find what is truly the biggest battery that you can fit in your vehicle the higher that milliamp hour mah number is the longer the battery will last the longer you will be able to drive your vehicle, so you got to look at these kinds of things is it smarter to buy maybe a slightly smaller battery? is it drastically cheaper to buy a 5,000 mah battery instead of an 8,000 mah? Did you get two for the price of one and have more total runtime? These are the kind of things that you need to consider.

Now you've gone through five steps on how to choose the best battery for your RC cars. Check out Chinahobbyline RC car battery, there are many choice for your rc cars/trucks.

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