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What is the advantage of High Voltage LiPo (LiHV) Batteries?

High voltage lithium battery is becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to store large amounts of energy, as well as their long lifespans.Then you know why lihv is so popular? First of all, lihv battery is also a kind of lipo battery. The difference between lihv and lipo is that lihv can charge a single cell to 4.35V, while lipo can only charge a single cell to 4.2V. This is because their chemical composition is different, so lihv can carry higher voltage.
So how can we safely charge lihv to 4.35V? There are many smart chargers on the market that can identify our battery type, such as ToolkitRC M6D, its system allows setting whether the battery to be charged is a high voltage lithium battery or a normal lipo battery. In this article, we will explore the characteristics of 4900mAh 7.6V 2S 120C HV Shorty Hard Case Lipo Battery and discuss how they can benefit your business or project. 

HV 7.6V 2S Lipo Battery LiHV 4000mah

Benefits of 4900mAh 7.6V 2S2P 120C HV Shorty Hard Case Lipo Battery

1. High voltage

Compared with lipo battery, LiHV provides higher voltage. These batteries use a unique chemistry and they are capable of 4.35V. The same capacity, he provides more watt-hours.

2. Higher energy density
LiHV batteries offer higher energy density compared to LiPo batteries. This means that for the same weight, they can provide a lot of power at once during flight.

3. Higher energy capacity
LiHV batteries have greater energy capacity compared to LiPo batteries. This means that for the same weight, the benefit of this feature is that it can give you a longer run time or flight time.

4. They are lighter
LiHV batteries are much lighter compared to lipo batteries. For example, the same 4900mah 2S battery, the LiHV battery weighs only 211g, while the ordinary 4900mah 2S lipo weighs about 218g. Don't underestimate the 7g, in the field of RC, especially in the RC plane, the weight of this 8g will make your plane fly faster.

High voltage battery has so many advantages, so what are its disadvantages? Yes, he is expensive. This is perhaps its only downside.If you are looking for a suitable Lihv battery for your RC car you may wish to consider this CNHL Racing Series LiHV 4900mAh 7.6V 2S2P 120C HV Shorty Hard Case Lipo Battery with EC3 Plug, CNHL supports free return within 30 days.

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