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July Mania Sales
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lipo 6s 6200mah production basic content

Do you know what is included in the basics of making a lipo 6s 6200mah? How can the produced lipo 6s 6200mah be considered to have good performance? Next, the CNHL will reveal the above problems for you one by one.

1. Definition and description of physical and chemical properties of lipo 6s 6200mah material

Specific surface area (m2/g): refers to the surface area of ​​lipo 6s 6200mah material per unit mass of particles. (Test method: Calculate the volume of argon gas adsorbed per unit weight of material). Particle size (µm): The description of the particle size of the material, which refers to the diameter of the lipo 6s 6200mah material particle. D50 describes the average particle size of the material. Tap density (g/cm3): The volume of the lipo 6s 6200mah material that is tapped per unit mass obtained by a certain mechanical vibration.
In addition, the structure, appearance, discharge capacity, capacity efficiency and impurity content of the lipo 6s 6200mah material are also constraints on the performance of the lipo 6s 6200mah material.

2. Various materials in lipo 6s 6200mah electrode and their basic use characteristics

1. Lipo 6s 6200mah conductive material

lipo 6s 6200mah carbon ink conductive agent is amorphous carbon with good electrical conductivity, strong adsorption, large specific surface area, about 60-100 m2/g, lipo 6s 6200mah carbon ink conductive agent itself has no capacity. Artificial graphite lipo 6s 6200mah conductive agent has slightly worse conductivity than carbon ink, but has a smaller specific surface area, 10-30m2/g, and has a capacity of about 290mAh/g. Artificial graphite lipo 6s 6200mah conductive agent is processed Better performance. In addition, there are natural graphites, which can also be used as conductive agents because of their good electrical conductivity, and because of the high capacity of artificial graphite lipo 6s 6200mah conductive agents, they can also be used as negative electrode materials. The nano-scale carbon fiber has good electrical conductivity and good processing performance, but it is expensive.

2. Lipo 6s 6200mah electrode material

As far as the general lithium ion secondary battery is concerned, the positive electrode material: lithium cobalt oxide, its own gram capacity is 135-150mAh/g, the compaction density is 3.65-4.00g/cc, and the lipo 6s 6200mah with LiCoO2 as the positive electrode has high open circuit voltage and high specific energy. (Theoretical specific energy 1068Wh/kg, theoretical capacity 274mAh/g), long cycle life, fast discharge characteristics, but expensive. Negative electrode materials: including artificial graphite, mesocarbon microspheres, natural graphite modification and other lipo 6s 6200mah materials. Ordinary artificial graphite: gram capacity 290-310mAh/g, compaction 1.45-1.55g/cc. Mesocarbon microspheres: gram capacity 310-320mAh/g, compaction 1.55-1.65g/cc. Natural graphite modification: gram capacity 320-340mAh/g, compaction 1.55-1.65g/cc.

3, lipo 6s 6200mah glue material

For the polymer adhesive commonly known as PVDF, its chemical name is polyvinylidene fluoride, and the viscosity of lipo 6s 6200mahPVDF adhesive is affected by molecular weight, functional group location and processing technology. Generally speaking, for the same processing technology and the same functional group position, the higher the molecular weight of lipo 6s 6200mah PVDF adhesive, the higher the viscosity, but with the increase of viscosity, the sedimentation phenomenon of lipo 6s 6200mah PVDF adhesive to the slurry is more obvious. CMC and SBR are glues used in combination with water-based systems. CMC (Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose): White or slightly yellow powder, it has adhesive properties, but its most basic role in water-based systems is dispersing material and SBR. SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber Latex): White with light blue milky liquid, polymer compound, mixed with CMC, its adhesion performance is good.

3. Several conditions that lipo 6s 6200mah needs to meet for good performance

For lipo 6s 6200mah material, in order to make it show good performance, the following conditions must be met:
1. The structural perfection of the material itself, the uniformity of particle size, and the smoothness of particle appearance;
2. Uniform distribution of active molecules of lipo 6s 6200mah material in the electrode;
3. Good contact between active molecules and lipo 6s 6200mah conductive agent;
4. Can conduct the network smoothly;
5. Good infiltration degree with lipo 6s 6200mah electrolyte;
6. Good process conditions for various material properties.
Well, the above is the basic content about the production of lipo 6s 6200mah. I believe that the physicochemical properties of the lipo 6s 6200mah material and the basic uses of the various materials that make up the lipo 6s 6200mah, and the conditions that the lipo 6s 6200mah needs to meet for good performance Now that you know everything, I hope today's content can help you better understand the lipo 6s 6200mah, see you in the next issue.
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