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Lipo Battery for CineHawk 4S 3.5" Cinewhoop Quad

The Cinehawk is the first ever cinewhoop from EMAX and using the DJI O3 Air Unit we have found this to be a high performing video capturing solution and moved forward with designing a ducted 3.5” cinematic use drone around the platform. The O3 Air Unit needed some special design care to get the greatest possible image quality out of the built in camera, while maintaining a stable enough platform to mount a GoPro if the pilot so desires.

The CineHawk 4S 3.5" Cinewhoop Quad is a powerful and efficient drone designed for aerial cinematography and photography. To power this drone, 850mAh 4S XT30 is the suggested battery size and what the craft is turned around for the best performance. Other batteries may be used for longer flight times if a GoPro is being mounted.
Some recommended batteries for the CineHawk 4S 3.5" Cinewhoop Quad include:

CNHL 4S lipo battery 850mAh 70C with XT30 is perfect fits for CineHawk 4S 3.5" Cinewhoop

Or you may try 4S LiPo (Lithium Polymer) battery with a minimum capacity of 1300mAh and a discharge rate of at least 80C.
CNHL 4S 1300mAh 100C LiPo Battery

When choosing a battery for your CineHawk 4S 3.5" Cinewhoop Quad, make sure to check the dimensions and weight of the battery to ensure that it will fit properly and not affect the drone's balance.

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