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Packaging requirements for export battery 2200 and lithium battery equipment

The following requirements are mentioned for the packaging of battery 2200 equipment in Clause P903 of the "List of Dangerous Goods" of the International Maritime Dangerous Regulations. It is divided according to battery 2200 categories, and the guidelines apply to related goods under UN 3090, 3091, 3480 and 3481. Next, CNHL, a professional battery 2200 manufacturer, will introduce the packaging requirements of battery 2200 and lithium battery equipment.

1.Battery 2200 protection measures

The battery 2200 or battery pack packaged in the container should be protected to prevent damage to the battery 2200 or battery pack due to movement or position changes in the container. The container must meet the performance indicators of Packing Group II.
For batteries or battery packs with a gross weight of battery 2200 greater than or equal to 12 kg, in a strong, impact-resistant casing, and collections of such battery 2200 or battery packs, a strong outer packaging, protective cover, pallet or other handling is also required equipment.
Likewise, the battery 2200 or battery pack must be secured against accidental movement, and the electrodes must not bear the weight of other stacked items.

battery 2200

2. Container performance and fix of battery 2200

Battery 2200 or battery pack packed with equipment, except that its container must meet the performance index of packing group II, and the equipment must be fixed and must not move in the outer packaging. The battery 2200 or battery pack should also be completely wrapped.

3. Prevent battery 2200 from short circuit

Batteries or battery packs contained in equipment, in addition to meeting the preceding requirements, should have measures to prevent accidental activation during transport. Also prevent the battery 2200 or the battery pack from shorting out.

4.Battery 2200 packaging mark

When a package contains a combination of battery 2200 in equipment and battery 2200 packaged with equipment, the package shall be marked "Lithium metal batteries UN3091 or lithium ion UN3481 with equipment".
If a package contains both lithium ion batteries and lithium metal batteries, the package shall be marked as required for both battery types.
In addition to several points in P903 of the International Maritime Dangerous Packaging Guidelines, there are the following inspection and supervision points that need to be paid attention to:

One is that the watt-hour ratio must be marked on the outside of the container, whether it is a lithium-ion battery pack, or a lithium-ion battery pack contained in or packaged with the device.
Second, lithium battery products do not apply to limited packaging, nor do they apply to exempted packaging.

The third is that the package must post battery 2200 exclusive marks or signs. Packages of battery 2200 or battery group 2200 complying with Clause 188 use the "rectangular mark". Other battery 2200 or battery 2200 group packages use the "diamond symbol" for Class 9 dangerous goods. However, it is not excluded that some countries and regions require two signs to be posted at the same time, as long as the enterprise provides a description of the situation.

I hope the content brought to you by CNHL, the seller of battery 2200 today, will be helpful for you to understand the export packaging requirements of battery 2200. For more information on lithium-ion batteries, please refer to our previous articles:
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