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July Mania Sales
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July Mania Sales
🔥All in-stocked LiPo are BIG discount >
🔥Buy 3 get 4th 80% OFF >

What batteries are used in Traxxas cars?

Traxxas is a well-renowned name in the world of remote-controlled cars. They highly regarded for their exceptional quality off-road vehicles that offer a thrilling driving experience. However, to enjoy the full capability and performance of these high-performance RC cars, it is crucial to choose a suitable battery. The ChinaHobbyLine 6S Lipo battery is one of the best options for powering your Traxxas RC car.


The Chinahobbyline traxxas 6s lipo battery is specifically designed to cater to high-performance off-road vehicles such as Traxxas. These batteries are made using high-quality materials, ensuring that they can withstand the rigorous demands of intense RC driving. They also come in different configurations ranging from 5000mAh to 10000mAh, making them compatible with various Traxxas models.


One of the most significant advantages of the ChinaHobbyLine 6S Lipo battery is its high discharge rate. This feature ensures that your Traxxas RC car receives an unbreakable source of power. The high discharge rate also enables your RC car to achieve a higher speed, have a quicker response time, and operate at peak performance.

Below are few key benefit of ChinaHobbyLine 6S Lipo battery is its high voltage capabilities. 

They provides your Traxxas with more power output, which results in faster speed and rapid acceleration. The high voltage capabilities of these batteries ensure that your Traxxas RC car operates at its peak level of performance, providing an enjoyable and memorable driving experience.

Moreover, they designed to combat the high heat generated during intense RC driving. This feature minimizes the internal resistance, thus supporting longer running times. It means that you can use your Traxxas RC car for more extended periods without worrying about recharging the battery.

When it comes to charging, the ChinaHobbyLine 6S Lipo battery is highly convenient to use. The battery features multiple plug options, which allows you to connect it to various charging devices. It also has a low self-discharge rate, thus ensuring a longer shelf life and battery longevity.

The last but most important its durability and reliability. These batteries have been extensively tested and proven to provide uninterrupted and long-lasting performance. They are resilient and high-performing, ensuring that your Traxxas RC car operates at its best capacity.

At CNHL, they also provide 3s lipo battery, 4s lipo battery for different size of your Traxxas cars!


In conclusion, if you own a Traxxas RC car and want a powerful, reliable, and long-lasting battery, the ChinaHobbyLine 6S Lipo battery is an excellent option to consider. They offer exceptional performance and reliability, which are supported by innovative features like high voltage capabilities, high discharge rate, and long running times. Their durability and convenience make them a popular choice for enthusiasts who want to enjoy the full capabilities of their Traxxas off-road cars.

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