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What are the safety risks in the production process of 4s lipo battery?

Today, CNHL lipo batteries will introduce the potential safety hazards in the production process of 4s lipo battery. The article will mainly introduce the four aspects of 4s lipo battery ingredient pulping process, coating and baking process, forming process and warehouse storage. Interested partners go and have a look.

4s lipo battery ingredient pulping process

Slurrying is to mix the positive and negative active materials with special solvents and binders, and after high-speed stirring, it is made into a slurry-like positive mixed slurry! This is the process of star and negative electrode materials. Usually, electrodes are composed of active materials, conductive agents, binders and leads.

The difference is that the types of binders of positive and negative materials are different, or the additives added to negative materials are different. The risk factors in the pulping process are mainly when processing raw materials such as binders (such as positive electrode material lithium cobaltate, conductive agents and binders), if the baking temperature, humidity and time are not properly controlled, it will affect the product. The quality also has an impact on the safety performance of the lipos formation process, which is a potential factor that causes the 4s lipo battery to explode after subsequent charging.

4s lipo battery

In addition, during the batching process, drying, high-speed vacuum dispersion and stirring, and the use of organic solvents for hazardous chemicals, such as NMP (N-methylpyrrolidone), isopropyl alcohol and ethanol, may cause electric shock, fire, and scalding. and direct risk factors such as mechanical injury.

4s lipo battery coating and baking process

The coating film is to evenly coat the prepared 4s lipo battery slurry on the surface of the metal foil and dry it to make the positive and negative pole pieces of the 4s lipo battery respectively. The technological process is generally unwinding, splicing, pulling, tension control, rectification, coating, drying, tension control, automatic rectification, winding and so on.

The slurry is coated on the positive and negative electrodes of the 4s lipo battery, that is, the uniformity of the active material coating on the copper foil and aluminum foil has an impact on the quality and safety of the battery. The potential risk factors are, such as improper air humidity control, which will adversely affect the bonding effect of lithium iron phosphate of 4s lipo battery material, or the pole piece is stored for too long after being coated and dried, and it is easy to become brittle, etc., which will cause the battery to become brittle. The quality does not meet the requirements, which affects its safety.
In this process, the types of accidents that may also occur are fire, electric shock and mechanical injury, etc.

4s lipo battery formation process

Many 4s lipo battery fire and explosion accidents occurred in the chemical forming process. The so-called chemical formation refers to charging and discharging the finished battery with a dedicated 4s lipo battery charging and discharging equipment. Batteries with poor safety or unqualified are easy to catch fire during formation.

4s lipo battery

Formation is a process with obvious dangerous and harmful factors in the production process of lipos. During the process of formation and capacity separation, the 4s lipo battery will heat up, the electrolyte will be heated and vaporized, and pressure will be generated inside the 4s lipo battery. If there are phenomena such as inflation and deformation, the hard packaging will explode and burn. This process occurs inside the 4s lipo battery, so it is not easy to be found.

Fire and explosion accidents occur frequently in aging rooms, and once an accident occurs, it is difficult to control, and it is easy to cause huge economic losses. This is mainly because most of the aging rooms are constructed and used by manufacturers themselves, which cannot meet the basic requirements of aging 4s lipo battery. Common hidden dangers include not using 24-hour remote or on-site monitoring measures, and not installing smoke alarms and temperature alarms. , The fire resistance rating, area fire separation distance, fire doors, etc. of the aging room are not standardized.

4s lipo battery warehouse storage

The qualification rate of any product is difficult to completely reach 100%. A single unqualified lipos will undergo a chemical reaction during the storage process, such as a chain reaction of a large number of 4s lipo batteries stored in a fire and explosion. Therefore, the storage warehouse of lipos is a dangerous place that is prone to fire and explosion accidents and needs to be paid attention to. . The warehouse where batteries are stored is mainly due to the hidden dangers in the building structure, process conditions, and rescue measures of the warehouse, which are mainly manifested as follows:
(1) The building structure and safety facilities of the warehouse do not meet the safety requirements, and no fire protection is used.
The partition wall is separated, the electrical is not explosion-proof, and the fire resistance level of the fire door does not meet the national standard requirements;
(2) The area of ​​the warehouse is too large (not divided into small compartments), the stock of 4s lipo battery is too large, etc.;

4s lipo battery
(3) The process conditions of the 4s lipo battery warehouse such as temperature (the temperature of the warehouse is not kept within the range of 20±5°C, the highest shall not exceed 30°C) humidity (relative temperature is too high or too low, relative humidity is higher than 95% or lower less than 40%) not up to the standard;
(4) The warehouse managers store the 4s lipo battery in an irregular manner, and the positive (negative) pole position of the battery has no insulation protection measures, which may lead to a short circuit between the positive and negative poles of the 4s lipo battery
(5) The warehouse is not equipped with smoke alarms and temperature alarms, or is not connected to the alarm processing center and installed with a full-angle video monitoring system, and no special personnel are arranged to be on duty 24 hours a day.
The above is the lithium ion battery manufacturer CNHL brings you about 4s lipo battery
I hope the above content can help you better avoid the safety problems in the production process of 4s lipo battery. For more information about lipo battery, please refer to the following:
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