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What is 4s lipo battery thermal runaway expansion?

Because the 4s lipo battery has high energy density, and the thermal stability of the positive and negative materials is low, and the electrolyte is a flammable organic system, the 4s lipo battery may have serious safety problems under certain conditions, such as high temperature or even Fire and explosion.

Next, 4s lipo battery manufacturer CNHL will introduce the impact of 4s lipo battery thermal runaway: 4s lipo battery thermal runaway expansion phenomenon.

The reason for the safety problem of 4s lipo battery

There are various reasons for the safety problems of 4s lipo battery, such as mechanical damage, environmental damage, electrical damage, and its own instability.
1) Mechanical damage mainly refers to the deformation and rupture of the 4s lipo battery when it is subjected to external mechanical stress, resulting in short circuit, leakage and burning of the battery;
2) Environmental damage refers to the safety problems caused by the 4s lipo battery working in an unsuitable environment, for example, the 4s lipo battery generates heat under high temperature conditions and fires and explodes when the heat accumulates to a certain extent;

4s lipo battery

3) The most common form of electrical damage is overcharging of the battery;
In addition, changes in materials and results such as lithium dendrite growth caused by long-term use of 4s lipo battery may lead to internal short circuit of the battery and cause safety problems.
But no matter what the cause of the 4s lipo battery's safety problem is, the final safety accident of the 4s lipo battery is accompanied by a short circuit inside and outside, and the temperature rises sharply or even fires and explodes, that is, the 4s lipo battery thermal runaway problem.
Regarding the thermal runaway of lipo battery, the following article has a detailed introduction, and interested partners can check it out by themselves:
cnhl 6s lipo battery safety problems and preventive measures

4s lipo battery module used in electric vehicles

With the large-scale application of 4s lipo battery in the field of electric vehicles and energy storage, the battery modules used in electric vehicles are usually very large. For example, the battery of Nissan Leaf uses lithium manganate (LiMn2O4) as the positive electrode material, and the battery module contains 192 A single battery of 34Ah, the entire battery module including the control circuit weighs 300kg. The Tesla Roadster's battery module consists of 6,831 18650 cells.

4s lipo battery thermal runaway extension

If the heat cannot be discharged to the outside of the battery module in a timely and sufficient manner due to design reasons or a cooling system failure, one or more single cells inside the module will accumulate heat. If the temperature of the battery eventually reaches the thermal runaway temperature, it may cause the battery to leak or burn, or even cause the battery to burst.

The large-scale runaway phenomenon of the entire battery system caused by the thermal runaway of the 4s lipo battery is the expansion of the thermal runaway of the 4s lipo battery. For large-capacity, high-power large-scale 4s lipo battery modules, safety issues are even more prominent. Because the thermal runaway expansion occurs on the large 4s lipo battery module, it is very difficult to put out the fire after the fire, which often causes casualties and large economic losses, and the impact is very large.

Well, the above is the whole content about the thermal runaway expansion of 4s lipo battery brought to you by CNHL today. I hope the above content can help you understand the root cause of the thermal runaway expansion of 4s lipo battery: 4s lipo battery thermal runaway. For more information about lipo battery, please click below:
6s 6200mah lipo management system and 6s 6200mah lipo SOC

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