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Fueling Your RC Adventures
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Fueling Your RC Adventures
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Based on 4084 reviews
Great good battery

Good batteries with an excellent price-quality ratio

CNHL G+Plus 5000mAh 22.2V 6S 70C Lipo Battery with EC5 Plug

Excellent product according to discription and fast shipping. The most amazing with CNHL G+Plus batteries is that they are not getting warm like other brands do. Very reliable even after many cycles. Well done CNHL.

They've worked great for me.

I've heard some people say these had some voltage sag bur it was a while ago. Seems like they fixed it.

Best price

These are good batteries, the cheapest without sacrificing quality.

little monsters

These are some really fine lipo's to fly 4D with teh T-motor AM40 combo. And for this money: a full 10!

Super fast shipping and best offer in the market

Best Li Po

Surprisingly a very high performance battery, for the price it is unmatched.

CNHL Black Series 1100mAh 6S 100C

Is so good.Can only be recommended to everyone.

3s 70c +G

Really good battery for the money I would definitely recommend these for bashing and all rC needs

CNHL Racing Series LiHV 6000mAh 11.4V 3S 120C HV Hard Case Lipo Battery with EC5 Plug

1300 6s black battery

Great battery and super fast delivery

2 Packs CNHL MiniStar 850mAh 11.1V 3S 70C Lipo Battery with XT30U

Cnhl 6s

Great lipo packs ! 100% recomend

CNHL 5200 racing line

these are very good batteries especially for boats, you get 4km/u extra speed

Super power source for my 4" quad

Amazing little lipo! If you want t a6S battery for a 3.5-4" quad, look no further.

Great and realaiyabe batteries

Batteries holding lot of power even 3 year old. I'm not a consistent flyer but like the performance batteries give.

Good product

I always use CNHL batteries and I’m very satisfied with them.
Also, the staff is very professional.

good lipos

Balanced cells, works fine, goes strong

Cnhl Racing Series 10000mah 14,8V 100C

Die Akkus sind der Hammer sie haben meine Erwartungen weit übertroffen.

[Combo] 2 Packs CNHL 2200mAh 14.8V 4S 30C Lipo Battery with T/Dean Plug

Great customer service!

Received only two out of eight ordered batteries. The other six got stuck during lunar new year. Jasmine from CNHL was quick to reply to my inquiry and sent me six new batteries that arrived in mere days. CNHL has great customer service, would shop again.