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11.1v lipo battery pulping process: types and characteristics of pulping equipment

This article will briefly describe the application of different hydrodynamic shear dispersers in 11.1v lipo battery pulping, and summarize their equipment characteristics and process characteristics. Interested partners may wish to take a few minutes to visit with CNHL.

1. 11.1v lipo battery double planetary mixer for pulping

At present, the mainstream homogenization equipment used by 11.1v lipo battery manufacturers is mostly double planetary mixers, which are also called PD mixers. The low-speed stirring part of the double planetary mixer is composed of two folded frame-type stirring paddles.

The planetary gear drive is used to make the stirring paddle rotate when it revolves, so that the material can move up and down and around to achieve the ideal mixing effect in a short time. The high-speed dispersing component is a toothed dispersing disc, which revolves together with the planet carrier and rotates at a high speed, so that the 11.1v lipo battery material is subjected to strong shearing and dispersing.

The PD mixer can effectively mix a large amount of solids and a small amount of liquid. Through the planetary motion of the two folded frame-type stirring paddles, it can achieve a strong kneading effect without dead spots, and play a role in the impact and shearing effect of the high-speed dispersing disc. To a good 11.1v lipo battery slurry dispersion effect. PD mixer has better dispersion uniformity.

The main problems of double planetary mixer used in 11.1v lipo battery pulping process are:
The equipment volume and equipment height have high requirements on the workshop, and the overall area is large;
The effect of 11.1v lipo battery slurry volume on its stirring effect, the effective volume of the base mixer is small;
The stirring time is long, and the dispersion efficiency of the 11.1v lipo battery slurry is low;
Using intermittent feeding, the consistency between batches is poor;
It is difficult to control the temperature, humidity and dust of the production environment.
The current research on the double planetary mixer includes the structural design of the stirring paddle and the dispersing disc, and the flow field simulation during the double planetary mixing process.

2. 11.1v lipo battery pulping high speed shear dispersing machine

With the continuous improvement of the production capacity of 11.1v lipo battery and the urgent market demand for high-performance 11.1v lipo battery, it is difficult to meet the requirements by using the double planetary mixer alone, which restricts the large-scale production of 11.1v lipo battery.
In 2007, Japan's PRIMIX announced the development of a continuous processable 11.1v lipo battery electrode slurry production device - a high-speed shear disperser.

The dispersion principle of TK.FILMICS is "high-speed spinning thin film method". The high-speed rotating rotor throws the slurry onto the wall of the stator cylinder, and the speed difference between the high-speed flowing slurry and the stationary cylinder wall generates a strong shear force to disperse the slurry. The laminar flow, turbulent flow and eddy current effect of the 11.1v lipo battery slurry make the particles in the 11.1v lipo battery slurry produce collision shear to disperse the 11.1v lipo battery slurry.

TK.FILMICS cannot complete the single-machine 11.1v lipo battery slurry preparation, it needs a PD mixer for pre-mixing first. Compared with the traditional double planetary stirring and dispersing equipment, the high-speed shearing 11.1v lipo battery slurry dispersing equipment has the following characteristics:
(1) Mixing and dispersing materials on the basis of shearing principle, the effect is remarkable and the energy consumption is low;
(2) The equipment is small in size, occupies less area, and is flexible and simple in production operation;
(3) It has self-priming ability and automatic cleaning ability, and the equipment is easy to maintain;
(4) The number of rotating stator layers can be increased according to production needs, so that the material can be acted multiple times during the dispersion process, thereby strengthening the dispersion effect;
(5) The equipment has high dispersion strength, and the 11.1v lipo battery slurry has good dispersion uniformity and small particle size.

The stress distribution and pulping efficiency of the traditional double planetary mixer and the high-speed shearing disperser were compared and analyzed. When the high-speed shearing disperser was working, the internal stress was high and the distribution was uniform. At the same time, the high-speed dispersion significantly improved the pulping efficiency of the 11.1v lipo battery.

3. 11.1v lipo battery pulping twin screw continuous extruder

In order to further improve the pulping efficiency of 11.1v lipo battery and improve the uniformity of pulp batches, as early as 2010, South Korea's Samsung SDI cooperated with Japan's Asada Iron Works Co., Ltd. to develop lithium-ion battery continuous pulping equipment. The twin-screw continuous extruder used for 11.1v lipo battery continuous pulping is mainly composed of two parts: feed metering system (for continuous metering and weighing of powder and solvent) and host system (twin-screw continuous extruder , for the dispersion and kneading of each component).

The traditional pulping process puts all the powder into all the liquid components at one time, and it can be dispersed into a uniform slurry after a long time of 4 to 10 hours. The twin-screw continuous pulping is to divide the traditional batch of 11.1v lipo battery pulp into several small parts, disperse them continuously, and then aggregate them into a whole batch. The twin-screw continuous extrusion pulping is obviously superior to the traditional process in terms of pulping efficiency and pulping uniformity.

The working principle of the twin-screw extruder is to continuously add active substances, conductive agents, binders and solvents into the tubular extruder. The important structural unit of the twin-screw continuous extrusion pulper is the twin-screw structure configuration. , The twin screw is composed of multiple forward and reverse transmission elements and multiple forward and reverse dispersing elements, as well as spacers and support shafts between the forward and reverse elements. There is no significant difference in the size and morphology of active particles for the NCM cathode sheets obtained by the traditional 11.1v lipo battery pulping process and the twin-screw continuous pulping process, so the twin-screw pulping machine can be used for 11.1v lipo battery high-efficiency pulping.

The efficiency improvement and quality improvement of the 11.1v lipo battery pulping process are important topics in electrode manufacturing. Mechanical stirring is used to achieve the deagglomeration of particle agglomerates and the important microscopic process of uniformly dispersed pulping. It is difficult to obtain a fine and uniform slurry by a single dispersion method. Usually, a PD mixer is used for pre-mixing, and a high-speed disperser is used for high-strength depolymerization, so as to obtain 11.1v lipo battery slurry with low viscosity, high solid content and high stability. At present, the large-scale application of twin-screw continuous pulping machine is less. As a continuous and efficient pulping method, it has a small footprint, a short pulping time and a huge development potential.
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