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4s 1000mah lipo VS hydrogen energy, whose "world" will be in the future?

ECO development
When fuel vehicles dominated the world, the world of fuel was very simple, except for gasoline, diesel was added.
As people pay more and more attention to the environment, as well as the proposal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, people have started various explorations and attempts on clean energy.
As a result, a variety of new energy vehicles have sprung up, dazzling people. So, which new energy will be more "scented" in the future? Today, CNHL is here to tell you about 4s 1000mah lipo and hydrogen, these two new energy sources that are often discussed by riders on the list.

4s 1000mah lipo new energy

4s 1000mah lipo: After solving the problem of battery life and charging and changing batteries, are we qualified to talk about what new energy sources to use to replace fuel?
When people discuss this issue, the first thing that comes to mind is the utilization of electric energy, and until today, the cruising range, charging and replacement of the 4s 1000mah lipo and other issues are still issues that people have worked hard to solve.
Although there are many questions, when there is no other better answer, the lithium family is trusted by a wider market than other energy sources and occupies the most important market share.

In comparison, the advantages of electric vehicles are also obvious. It deletes the engine and gearbox, these complex and relatively limited life core components, and the starting principle of electric energy excitation also makes it more prominent in driving performance. If a fuel car can accelerate from 100 kilometers to 3 seconds or 4 seconds, it is called a supercar, and electric vehicles can easily accelerate in terms of acceleration.


In recent years, the progress of 4s 1000mah lipo energy density and fast charging technology has gradually extended the range of electric vehicles, saving consumers' car use time, which makes electric vehicles that may have only been used for commuting in the city run more efficiently. Far. In addition, the construction of 4s 1000mah lipo charging station and charging pile also provides another solution for the battery life of electric vehicles.

It can be said that the difficulty of battery life and charging of electric vehicles is the most headache for riders. During this year’s National Day, the phenomenon of queuing up for charging on the highway has become a hot search. Some netizens said that they would go on a self-driving tour together and refuel in the service area. I waited while walking, but when I got home, my friends were still lining up to charge. Therefore, in order for electric vehicles to win the future, only if the two problems of the 4s 1000mah lipo are solved, then everything can be discussed.

Hydrogen energy

Hydrogen energy: five dazzling advantages and huge future prospects
In recent years, in addition to the 4s 1000mah lipo car, there is also a new energy source that has been hotly debated, and this is hydrogen energy. If the disposal problem of waste 4s 1000mah lipo is holding back the "carbon reduction" goal of new energy vehicles, then hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are simply the product of the "carbon reduction" score.

4s 1000mah lipo

Due to the five advantages of "zero emission, zero pollution, no noise, fast refueling, and strong endurance", hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are considered to be more conducive to decarbonization, and more conducive to the realization of "carbon peak, carbon neutral" and" goals.
Since my country put forward the goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality", the hydrogen energy industry has taken advantage of the wind, especially the downstream hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and the market has heated up significantly.

According to the forecast of the International Hydrogen Energy Council, an authoritative organization for global hydrogen energy, by 2050, hydrogen energy will account for 18% of global energy demand, and the market size will reach 2.5 trillion US dollars. Among them, commercial vehicles with large cargo capacity, long driving distance and high frequency of use are considered to be the best partners of hydrogen energy.

It can be seen that the advantages of hydrogen energy are obvious and the future development prospects are huge, but it also has problems that need to be solved urgently, which are the cost and the construction of supporting facilities. It is understood that although the current cost of a fuel cell system per kilowatt of power has dropped significantly from the 10,000-yuan level a few years ago, the overall cost is still high, and the economy needs to be explored. At the same time, some people in the industry said that only if there is a hydrogen refueling station at an interval of four to five hundred kilometers can support the implementation of the hydrogen energy society, and the scale of the existing supporting facilities still has great room for development.

Energy use

In the long run, hydrogen energy is indeed a very ideal clean energy. Hydrogen energy car companies are constantly improving the cost of technology and exploration, and energy companies have already begun the layout of supporting facilities such as hydrogen refueling stations. As of November 2020, about 476 hydrogen refueling stations have been built around the world, of which 104 are in China, ranking second in the world.

4s 1000mah lipo

As one of the largest hydrogen energy suppliers in China, Sinopec has built and put into operation 20 hydrogen refueling stations in 13 provinces and cities including Guangdong, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Guizhou and Hainan. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, it will be planned and constructed nationwide 1,000 hydrogen refueling stations or combined oil and hydrogen stations will lead the high-quality development of my country's hydrogen energy industry and support the implementation of my country's hydrogen energy society.

In addition, in the face of the mature 4s 1000mah lipo vehicle market, Sinopec also accelerated the construction of charging and swapping stations in response to the urgent actual needs of riders. In April, two cooperative intelligent 4s 1000mah lipo charging and swapping stations were built within three days, and the quick power swap took 4 minutes and 30 seconds, which greatly saved the waiting time of 4s 1000mah lipo riders and improved travel efficiency.

In the future, it will pay more attention to the development of new businesses such as 4s 1000mah lipo swap stations and high-power DC fast charging, and plans to reach 5,000 charging and swapping stations by 2025.

In fact, whether it is the performance of 4s 1000mah lipo or the disposal of old batteries, whether it is the cost of hydrogen energy or the construction of supporting facilities, the exploration and efforts of car companies and energy companies on each short board are all for the convenience, health and safety of car owners. good. Let's use energy better!
I hope that the introduction of the two new energy sources brought by the 4s 1000mah lipo manufacturer will be helpful to you. For more battery-related information, please refer to the following:
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