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July Mania Sales
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6s rc battery maintenance guide

At present, everyone is emphasizing energy saving and environmental protection. As the most potential environmentally friendly new energy source, 6s rc battery has been favored by consumers more and more. Therefore, 6s rc battery has entered thousands of households and is closely related to our lives. So as a consumer, how should you properly maintain the 6s rc battery? Next, Chinahobbyline, a professional 6s rc battery company, will answer this question for you. Interested partners will go and have a look.

6s rc battery first charge

1. Do not charge the lithium-ion battery for too long the first time it is fully charged.
2. The newly purchased lithium-ion battery can be used directly without charging after full charge.
3. Generally, it takes more than five hours for a newly purchased lithium-ion battery to be fully charged. Do not charge it for 12 hours.
4. The battery should be used up before the first charge, but it cannot be used up. When the battery is less than 20%, it needs to be charged in time.

6s rc battery charging articles

1. Original original
Unmatched current and voltage during charging will cause damage to the circuit system, shorten the battery life, and even bring safety hazards, so it must be dedicated to the charger.
2. Moderate charge and discharge
Overcharging and discharging will damage the battery to a great extent, so don't wait for the battery to be completely exhausted before charging, and don't charge it for a long time (don't charge it overnight). Generally, keep it for 1-2 hours after the green light of the charger is on. .
3. Pay attention to the charging environment
Charging in wet, rainy and snowy environment is easy to short circuit the circuit; charging in hot sun in summer can easily cause spontaneous combustion. In order to ensure safety, you should choose to charge in a dry, ventilated and cool environment.

6s rc battery

6s rc battery storage articles

1. The best storage temperature is between 4°C and 35°C. Do not expose the battery to high temperature or severe cold. An activated 6s rc battery is generally put on hold for at least half of the time, so the appropriate temperature is suitable for the 6s rc battery. Battery maintenance has the most frequent and important significance.
2. For the 6s rc battery that is not used for a long time, a charge and discharge similar to "activation" should be performed once a month, and a power calibration should be done. Because the 6s rc battery that has not been used for a long time will have passivation of the battery electrodes, the electrons in the 6s rc battery should be kept in a flowing state, and the passivation will destroy the electrode structure, thus affecting the battery life. Of course, the best case is to keep it half-charged.
Important hint
1. Sequence: When charging, connect the battery first, and then turn on the power supply. When fully charged, unplug first, then disconnect the battery and charger.
2. Danger of overcharging: unplug the charger in time after it is fully charged, and the continuous charging should not exceed 8 hours.
3. Do not charge in a sub-zero temperature environment.
4. The exclusive lithium battery charger should be used when charging, roadside fast charging cannot be used, and 48 60 72 volt chargers cannot be mixed.
5. If the battery heats up during the charging process, stop charging and use it, and replace the battery in time.
6. Chargers and batteries should be kept away from the bedroom, and the surrounding areas should be kept free of combustibles and kept dry.
Any method is effective under certain conditions, the maintenance of 6s rc battery is not to prolong the life of the 6s rc battery, but to prolong the service life of the 6s rc battery within the effective cycle cycle designed by the 6s rc battery. Therefore, it is necessary to locate the significance of 6s rc battery maintenance so as not to reduce its lifespan.
I hope that when you use the 6s rc battery daily, you can learn from the methods introduced by CNHL to maintain the 6s rc battery to avoid battery aging and prolong the battery life. For more information on lithium-ion batteries, please refer to the following:
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