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🔥July Bargain Blitz
All in-stocked LiPo batteries are BIG discount >

Best 4" inch FPV lipo battery: CNHL 1500mah 4s 14.8v Black vs. Ministar


Today we're going to be looking at these two batteries the cnhl mini star 1500 milliamp hour 4s 120c and the cnhl black 1500 milliamp hour 4s 100c

The interesting thing about these batteries is they are basically the same price.One of them is rated 120c one of them is rated 100c.So like what's a freaking difference and how they perform that's what we're going to try to find out and you're going to learn something today.

We'll start right here with the weight of the batteries which is interesting because if you look online at what's the difference between a cnhl black versus a ministar.One of the things people say is that they're different weights,one's lighter ones heavier.In fact if you even look at the specs the specs say that the mini star is 189 grams whereas the black is 183 grams. 

The next test is the capacity or milliamp hours to do that we discharge the batteries at a 1c charge rate 1c for a 1500 milliamp hour pack is going to be 1.5 amps.We discharge them at 1c down to a voltage of 3.5 volts and we record how many milliamp hours we got. And again these are nearly the same 15 30 versus 15 39 milliamp hours as close as makes no difference.

These batteries are labeled as 100c and 120c so we would expect that the 100c battery would have a higher internal resistance than the 120c battery that's kind of what c rating is it's an estimation of the battery's internal resistance.

In fact we do see that the 100c black is 3.01 milliamps per cell and the mini star is 2.55 milliamps per cell a slightly lower value that translates into a superior figure of merit figure of merit is basically just a way of estimating.

The cnhl discharged higher watt hours in other words they held voltage higher longer compared to the other brand battery.The mini star does justify its 120c rating with a lower internal resistance than the black's 100 c rating that's what you would expect. Purchase the Best 4" inch FPV lipo battery for racing: CNHL MiniStar 1500 mAh 4S 14.8V 120C at: * CNHL -

Purchase the Best 4" inch FPV lipo battery for freestyle:CNHL Black 1500 mAh 4S at: * CNHL -

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