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July Mania Sales
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July Mania Sales
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How big is the 6s lipo battery recycling market?

Today, CNHL will explain in detail the market conditions of the retired power 6s lipo battery. Interested partners may wish to take a few minutes to take a look with me.
Before 2021, most of the retired 6s lipo batteries in the market are mainly ternary and lithium cobalt oxides in the non-power field; The power of 6s lipo battery), the retired power battery has begun to appear on the "stage" of the used 6s lipo battery, and will undoubtedly be the "protagonist" of the future recycling market. At the same time, more and more recycling companies have joined the camp of future retired power battery cooperation to lay the foundation for the future source of used batteries. So, when will the "spring" of power 6s lipo battery recycling come? How big is the market for 6s lipo battery recycling?

Retired power 6s lipo battery significantly increased volume

Retired power 6s lipo battery is obviously in heavy volume, and it is expected to usher in explosive growth in 2026
According to Xinyu Information's statistics on the decommissioning of iron phosphate 6s lipo battery, ternary battery, lithium cobalt oxide and manganese acid 6s lipo battery in power and non-power fields respectively and future forecasts, we get the retired power and non-power fields in 2021-2028. Power 6s lipo battery market size forecast, retired power batteries will begin to show significant volume in 2022, and it is expected to usher in a second wave of high growth in 2026.
The increasing number of power 6s lipo battery decommissioning not only attracts more and more enterprises to lay out the recycling field, but also accelerates the process of industry cooperation.

Power 6s lipo battery accelerates the process of industry cooperation

On June 8, Tianqi announced that it signed the "Strategic Cooperation Agreement on 6s Lipo Battery Recycling" with Haitong Hengxin International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. to jointly build a closed-loop industrial chain of 6s lipo battery recycling and utilization. Conch Venture 6s lipo battery resource recycling green recycling project settled in Huaibei.

On June 1, Tinci Materials announced that the company will set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, Jiangmen Tinci High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. in Jiangmen, Guangdong, and use self-raised funds to invest in the construction of "an annual output of 200,000 tons of lithium-ion battery electrolyte projects and 100,000 tons of lithium-ion battery electrolyte. ton lithium-ion battery recycling project”.

On May 25, BMW Group announced that it will work with Huayou Cycle to create an innovative cooperation model for closed-loop recycling and cascade utilization of power battery materials in the field of new energy vehicles. The decomposed raw materials, such as nickel, cobalt, lithium, etc., will be provided to BMW's batteries. Suppliers for the production of new power batteries and closed-loop management of power battery raw materials.
On May 7, battery recycling company Li-Cycle and Glencore announced a global strategic partnership and have signed a global feedstock supply agreement under which Glencore will provide Li-Cycle supplies all types of manufacturing scrap and end-of-life lithium-ion batteries.

Scrap 6s lipo battery for actual recycling

Power 6s lipo battery drives the actual decommissioning of 6s lipo battery to "take off"
Since most of the retired non-power 6s lipo batteries are distributed in consumer markets such as power bank, low-end digital, 3C, etc., the cost and difficulty of recycling are relatively high, and another part is exported to foreign countries, resulting in a large domestic actual and theoretical recycling scale. Case.
However, with the increase in the proportion of power 6s lipo battery decommissioning, the improvement of the recycling system, and the acceleration of the process of closed-loop cooperation in more industrial cycles, the power 6s lipo battery that will be scrapped in the future can basically be circulated to the recycling channel, and the actual and theoretical decommissioning amount. The gap will be smaller and smaller.
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