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Extra $5 OFF all Items. Code: SPRING5
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CNHL Customer Reviews

Based on 2645 reviews

CNHL 4000mAh 11.1V 3S 40C Lipo Battery with XT90 Plug

Not a Bad Battery at All!

Nice Battery, I bought 6 of them to use on a hex and so far they are doing alright. Dont push them too hard though as they do droop pretty quick. Not a bad battery at all for the price and quality!

Good performance

Im very happy wirh these batteries. They perform really well at a low cost.

Fine lipos. I want to purchase more for my RC planes 6s 4500mah but I infortunaly always out of stock on EU warehouse.

CNHL Black Series 1300mAh 7.4V 2S 100C Lipo Battery with XT60 Plug

6000 mah gplus

Loving my new g plus lipos. Really packs punch compared to other brands. Will be purchasing more in future. Thanks


Bought this pack for my Nazgul5 V2 drone and they work as expected. They were shipped from a UK warehouse and arrived as swiftly all as stated.

[Combo] 2 Packs CNHL Racing Series 8000mAh 7.4V 2S 120C Hard Case Lipo Battery with T/Dean Plug

big batt for big drones

i bought them specially to work with my 5inch hexa drone and i get solid 5min of cruising with 50 to 70km/h. Good one!

Recommended lipos

Fast shipping, top quality.

Great for freestyle

I have them on my 3.5" aos frame, and they performe great for the money spend

Fast and quality

Lipos has good quality and shipping was rly fast.

Ex lipo R and D tester for some big names back in the day !

Hi I’m being ask to right a review after 18 days, so it’s far to early to give a full breakdown until I’ve hit around 200 recycles in around 5 weeks!
From my first impression the service is very good,and this company definitely thinks about there reputation buy making sure the customer base is happy! I’ve practically purchased most of the types of batteries, and my personal belief is there close to the c rating claimed untill you are hit 100 c
I will say I’ve never gorne for cheap packs for lots of reasons also I’ve been around a few factories to back in 2010. Most of these sort of companies definitely don’t have a factory and we only found 4 in china that produce hood cells,that said these are good pack as I e probably brought around 30 in the last month! Every pack is very well matched and it’s not just voltage you need to look for is the internal resistance of each cell! That means these have gorn through another process as not all cells come out the same! I not had enough flights on them l yet to complete my feed back!
1:the height power 5200 packs from my equipment are the best the IR is around 0.8 -1 awesome better than a lot of top prices cell (did I just say that) ha
2: G+ range are a good pack basting whst I’ve said snd this company is close to being honest with the c rating again as they a 70c pack so if your pushing you models to the maxi I would imagine these will just warm but not to hot!
3: what I am most impressed with is the small packs like the Black series as the IR very low for a small 1000mah pack!
Like iv said these are my fist thoughts and there lots more variables to experience. My advice if I was adkevif this… value for money is extremely good and should suilte 95 % of people out there,and for the comption boys and I can only talk for Rc Helis it’s the high power racing packs are very good but I’ve not graft them yet they do feel like they have a steep drop off around 70% that good plenty of time for a 3:30 round of free stile the only negative is they are on the heavier si at 793g .
I hope this helps anyone who is sitting on the fence. Many that’s Darren

CNHL Racing Series 5200mAh 22.2V 6S 90C Lipo Battery with EC5 Plug

CNHL Racing Series 6200mAh 11.1V 3S 100C Hard Case Lipo Battery with T/Dean Plug

great for price

i pretty much use all your battery's all sizes and voltages only had one issue and you sent me a new battery


I've flown this battery multiple times on my Nazgul V2 and had great results. I thought it might weigh the drone down but it flies flawlessly. They were packed and shipped exactly as described from a UK warehouse, overall very impressed!

Super Lipo

Satisfied with quality of Lipo, purchasing and sending

Look a well made battery.

Not used them yet due to poor UK weather, cell voltage well matched so expecting good power output.

CNHL 4000mAh 18.5V 5S 40C Lipo Battery with XT90 Plug

6S Woop perfect

Fit perfectly on my 6S 3.5" whoop. Great performance

CNHL Racing Series 6600mAh 14.8V 4S 120C Hard Case Lipo Battery with EC5 Plug